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F I T   K I T C H E N

Have fun learning how to shop, cook, and eat healthy!

Fit Kitchen Fall 2022 Session will be held in person

About the Program



Please check back with us monthly for our next FREE Fit Kitchen sessions!


Healthy eating is essential to a happy and long life. At ADSL we don’t just focus on fitness and exercise but also on what we put in our bodies.  Our Fit Kitchen class is a hands-on experience that focuses on good eating habits and fun tasty alternatives to today’s unhealthy fast foods.

Fit Kitchen is taught by registered nutritionists and ADSL staff, who put together family lessons for all ages. Often, a healthy meal and snack will be taken home, along with information on healthy eating and what we need in our bodies to function at our bet every day.


This class focuses on getting the best result with obstacles like limited time, small budgets, and many mouths to feed. All meals are prepared with basic appliances.

Special guest "chefs" often join us! Local city and state politicians and guest chefs from the area love to drop in and share some of their favorite recipes and personal cooking challenges.

New Classes Coming Soon!
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