It is widely known and accepted that kids, teens and young adults need should get at least 60 minutes of aerobic activity or play everyday. Staying active has numerous health benefits such as lowering the chance of heart or respiratory problems, build and maintain a healthy muscle and bone structure, regulating metabolism and improves mood/energy to name a few!

              Here at ADSL we promote fitness and have programs for everyone at any fitness level.  We playing games of tag, kickball and dodgeball with kids during enrichment, hold teen weight lifting and strength training classes and even an adult strength training class. We believe that staying active and in motion is the key to a happy and successful life. We meet ever player/athlete/person and design personalized programs to fit their wants, goals and needs.

             With trained staff we teach proper technique on all our equipment, we believe that proper form is vital to a safe and effective workout. All of our trainers are CPR and first aid certified and have over 15 years of experience! So if you're trying to shed those last few pounds or add some muscle to make your school team! ADSL is a fun safe place to get in that exercise!