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About The Program

Baseball has been a fundamental part of ADSL since 1986. 

ADSL's baseball program is for community members of all ages and experiences. The league's primary focus is to bring together a community of diverse individuals that all share a love for staying active. If you have never played before, we will teach you the game. If you've played often (hopefully with us!), then you'll be sure to become the best player that you can be by learning new tips and tricks. 

Our baseball league will teach your child sportsmanship, teamwork, determination, how to communicate, and ways to stay healthy. These are all skills that are vital to have in life.

Please visit our programs page to register. Below you can find information on when practices and games are. You must register and pay to be put on a team. 

Co-Ed T-ball League

Age:             5-7 years

Location:     Holland Community Center &                             Town Field (ADSL)

Cost:            $25

Dates:          Begins April 17th

                     Ends June 22nd

Schedule:    Wednesday 6 - 7 PM

                     Saturday 10 - 11 AM

T-ball is a great introduction to baseball. Participants are taught basic baseball skills and will be guided through games.  Bring a baseball glove if you have one! 

Co-Ed Woodbat League

Age:             7-10 years

Location:     Town Field (ADSL)

Cost:            $25

Dates:          Begins July 10th

                     Ends August 17th

Schedule:    Wednesday 6 - 7 PM

                     Saturday 10 - 11 AM

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